Viewing the forest

I find myself jumping around on various aspects of this project based on what materials I can get.  I decided to work on the body electronics a bit.  I connected Alex and Ryan’s XBOX 360 wireless controller to a USB receiver I ordered off of Amazon.  The receiver plugs into a USB shield that sits […]

The dome electronics

The dome electronics on the front consist of two blue/white panels, called front logic displays (FLDs), the holo projector, and the red/blue process state indicator light (PSI).   On the back there is a rectangular green and red led panel, called the rear logic display (RLD) and a green/yellow PSI. The lights are controlled via an arduino micro. […]

Marking the dome

First step was to draw out the inner markings on the dome with pencil.  I marked the words CUT so that I didn’t cut into anything I wasn’t supposed to.  Since I work on this project late in the evening I can get a little carried away with the dremel.   Next was to cut […]

Beginning the build…

(this picture is not my droid) I’ve started construction of my R2D2 droid.  I will log the progress and details on the assembly process.  I’m going to start with the head and work the way down.  I’ll begin with the construction of the dome.  I’ve decided to use plastic for the dome for now. Dome […]