Viewing the forest

I find myself jumping around on various aspects of this project based on what materials I can get.  I decided to work on the body electronics a bit.  I connected Alex and Ryan’s XBOX 360 wireless controller to a USB receiver I ordered off of Amazon.  The receiver plugs into a USB shield that sits on top of the Arduino UNO.  I’m going to use that UNO to receive the XBOX 360 controller commands and turn them into instructions.

The plan is to operate R2 off of a pair of razor scooter motors controlled by a 360 remote.  At first it seemed the remote wouldn’t pair with the receiver I was using because I expected the controller to stop the rotating light around the XBOX symbol like it does when it pairs with an XBOX.  It doesn’t work that way.  I added some Serial.print commands to see if the receiver was actually getting the commands.  After working on trying to get this to pair for a few hours I discovered it was already paired.  I should have stated the experiment with the UNO directly connected to my PC so I can observe the serial output on screen.




Now that this was working it was time for a break and switch gears again.  I finished the cutouts on the dome and wanted to get a visual of the electronics on the front.  I had to see how it was coming together.  These are just taped in and are not straight I know.

NOTE:  The PSI is backwards.  It should be RED/BLUE in front.  Not YELLOW/GREEN.


Then I had to add my eye template to get a better visual 🙂



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